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18 wheels a rollin’ – charge me up first!

Charge Me! West bound and down, 18 wheels a rollin’…you know the rest
The first electric big rig to use public roads is ready to see work duty in Germany.  Terberg tractor used by BMW and Scherm for daily deliveries.

Fun Facts:

3-4 hours to fully charge batteries
Use Case – Short Haul – Auto Parts (Springs, Steering Systems, and Shock Absorbers)
Range – roughly 60 miles on single charge
Weight 80,000 lbs
Charged from renewable sources

Transportation and Logistics will continue to see rapid evolution with improved productivity and efficiencies.  bTrans is doing our part to be apart of this growth.

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Smart Phone Or Tablet Into Rugged Device

No more worries about Fragile USB connectors
Are you worried about wearing out your Micro USB connector on your Smart Phone or Tablet?  Now, you can have “POGO” style charging connectors that are used by the expensive rugged industrial mobile devices on your low cost consumer phone or tablet.  Your fleet vehicles can be outfitted with multiple industrial mounting options and various charging bases.  The system we sell is used for many of our larger fleets at a fraction of the cost of the expensive rugged purpose built devices on the market.  Think about how many times the phone or tablet leaves the delivery vehicle per day, this solution mitigates the wear and tear on consumer connectors.  Automated routing and navigation requires power and now you have a solution for constant power in a professional industrial solution.

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