bAccurate Warehouse

bTrans flagship inventory management and warehouse management system.  bTrans leveraged 30+ years of warehouse experience to deliver a robust solution at an affordable price.  For decades we have sold and supported many 3rd party packages as consultants to our clients.  We learned quickly, often customers were confused by the terms Warehouse Management and Inventory Management.  We were confused also, and did something about it.   bAccurate was designed for the Small to Medium Sized business.  There are many warehouses in use today that are using pen and paper.  It is these clients we target with bAccurate Warehouse.  The solution needs to be simple, easy to use, and affordable.  You want to get work done – quickly and accurately.  Management will benefit from a reduction in errors, improved profits,  and improved customer satisfaction.

bAccurate Warehouse

bAccurate Warehouse uses modern software technology and can be used with today’s smart phones or tablets.  We support Android devices as well as traditional Windows Mobile. bAccurate Warehouse can be used with traditional bar code scanner guns and both rugged and durable grade hardware devices.

Modular By Design

We make it easy to get started.  Our software is modular by design.  You can start with dockside receiving and add modules as you go.  Often clients want the Pick, Pack, and Ship combo modules to streamline these parts of the operations.  The choice is yours.

Core Transaction Sets


– Real Time Data Collection of receiving operations.  You can validate expected receipts against purchase orders at dockside receiving.  It does not matter if you do not have vendor labeling compliance programs in place with your vendor partners, we offer many ways to receive and validate against your orders.  Our solutions champions can make recommendations based on simple barcode receivers to more complex RFID receipts.


– Accurately putting away goods into warehouse locations whether they be floor, rack, or bins. Optional long range bar code scanning is available to enhance scanning from floor locations. We provide long range barcode placards in our store (custom runs on with your data). Many companies prefer the place and record methods and we fully support this Inventory Locator Process. Directed putaway is available and dependent upon your use case and budgets.


– Fulfilling sales orders dropped to the warehouse floor is expedited by electronic picking. E-commerce is prevalent today and the flexibility to ship pallets to retail stores or individual items direct to consumer is the norm. We allow you to pick against a picking ticket via barcodes or you can go paperless with automated work assignments to mobile devices. We support Vehicle Mounted Computers with Barcode Scanners and Mobile Devices Android and Windows Mobile in various ruggedness and form factors. We grew up in the warehouse and attention was paid to the task worker getting work done fast. The warehouse personnel often only listen to the good read (loud) beeps to quickly get transactions processed. Normal sound for good reads and error sound for bad reads which requires looking at the mobile screen for next instructions. We can do pretty GUI and Touch Screen interfaces but we caution clients that speed and ease of use is the norm in the warehouse. Many times workers are paid on piece rate metrics. We give you choice to choose what works best for your use case.

Pack and Ship

– Pack and Ship functions include packaging validation against sales orders and shipping validation against customers. The process has to be fast and accurate. Devices are offered in many form factors including ring scanners for two handed operations. We can integrate into 3rd party shipping systems including UPS and Fedex systems. Ask one of our Solutions Champions if you need other systems integration. Open standards and published API’s have made things much easier for us to integrate with disparate systems.

Optional – “New” Field Inventory

Remote Field Inventory Control which we call outside the 4 walls inventory. This could be consignment inventory to a partner, laydown yards, vendor managed inventories, mobile truck inventory, or remote warehouses without wired infrastructure. The possibilities are endless. Talk to one of our experts about case studies or your particular needs.

Benefits include.

  • Barcode or RFID tracking of parts and products
  • Cycle Counting
  • Quantity Level Monitoring
  • Manage Multiple Parts Locations
  • Expected Receipts into Inventory


Purpose Built Rigged Hardware Devices for Warehousing

te is morrugged_handheldImagers, Scanners, RFID, Bar Code, Large Numeric or Alpha-Numeric Keypads, Terminal Emulation Software, Android or Windows Mobile Operating Systems. Call us for recommendations on devices for your environments. We are an Elite Stocking partner with the leading hardware vendors. We know both software and hardware and wrap into a fully comprehensive support after the sale service and support program. We live by the “One Throat To Choke” policy.

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