Project Description

bTrans Walkie-Talkie software for smartphones enables communication over wifi or cell data plans. Instant one-to-one or group voice communication application like specialized push-to-talk phones, yet works on any wifi or data network with most smartphones and rugged devices. Use our business solution for inside 4 walls or out in the field with the same voice quality. Dispatchers with Windows PC’s can dispatch to the field without making a phone call.

The @ Work solution provides bank type encryption over secure channels. Create your secure, privately managed network in minutes. Cloud based and setup and deployment is minutes not weeks like other solutions. Voice history, user-definable push-to-talk (PTT) hotkeys, bluetooth and specialized speaker/mic, configurable beeps, low data use, and 8 languages. Channels up to 1000 users. Paid support for Enterprise clients 24 x 7.

Manage user groups and settings remotely from any browser! Call a bTrans Solution Champion for further details.