Cipherlab 9700 Rugged Mobile Computer

//Cipherlab 9700 Rugged Mobile Computer
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Cipherlab 9700 Rugged Mobile Computer

$1,450.00 $899.00

Cipherlab 9700 Rugged Mobile Computer

bTrans Solutions Champion – Where to use it?

  • Warehouse

  • Distribution Center

  • Manufacturing

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Product Description

Deliberately created for the challenging requirements of the warehousing, distribution center and
manufacturing industries, the CipherLab 9700 series features excellent functionality and ruggedness for
applications within four-wall environments. The 9700 series is built with industrial toughness to work
under any in-premise environments with ease. Its versatility and flexible reader options assists users to
effectively capture barcodes located in difficult settings. 9700 series’ new keypad design offers
3 different keypad options to deliver user friendly usage. Additionally, a load of other valuable features
makes 9700 series a useful tool for all your warehouse and distribution center demands.

Part Numbers
A970C1QLN31S1 A970C1QLN31SP A970C1QLN31U1 A970C1QLN31UP A970C1QLN3121 A970C1QLN312P
A970C1Q2N31S1 A970C1Q2N31SP A970C1Q2N31U1 A970C1Q2N31UP A970C1Q2N3121 A970C1Q2N312P
A970C1QXN31S1 A970C1QXN31SP A970C1QXN31U1 A970C1QXN31UP A970C1QXN3121 A970C1QXN312P
A970C1QFN31S1 A970C1QFN31SP A970C1QFN31U1 A970C1QFN31UP A970C1QFN3121 A970C1QFN312P
A970C3QLN31S1 A970C3QLN31SP A970C3QLN31U1 A970C3QLN31UP A970C3QLN3121 A970C3QLN312P
A970C3Q2N31S1 A970C3Q2N31SP A970C3Q2N31U1 A970C3Q2N31UP A970C3Q2N3121 A970C3Q2N312P
A970C3QXN31S1 A970C3QXN31SP A970C3QXN31U1 A970C3QXN31UP A970C3QXN3121 A970C3QXN312P
A970C3QFN31S1 A970C3QFN31SP A970C3QFN31U1 A970C3QFN31UP A970C3QFN3121 A970C3QFN312P
A970C5QLN31S1 A970C5QLN31SP A970C5QLN31U1 A970C5QLN31UP A970C5QLN3121 A970C5QLN312P
A970C5Q2N31S1 A970C5Q2N31SP A970C5Q2N31U1 A970C5Q2N31UP A970C5Q2N3121 A970C5Q2N312P
A970C5QXN31S1 A970C5QXN31SP A970C5QXN31U1 A970C5QXN31UP A970C5QXN3121 A970C5QXN312P
A970C5QFN31S1 A970C5QFN31SP A970C5QFN31U1 A970C5QFN31UP A970C5QFN3121 A970C5QFN312P
A970C7QLN31S1 A970C7QLN31SP A970C7QLN31U1 A970C7QLN31UP A970C7QLN3121 A970C7QLN312P
A970C7Q2N31S1 A970C7Q2N31SP A970C7Q2N31U1 A970C7Q2N31UP A970C7Q2N3121 A970C7Q2N312P
A970C7QXN31S1 A970C7QXN31SP A970C7QXN31U1 A970C7QXN31UP A970C7QXN3121 A970C7QXN312P
A970C7QFN31S1 A970C7QFN31SP A970C7QFN31U1 A970C7QFN31UP A970C7QFN3121 A970C7QFN312P
A973C1QLN31S1 A973C1QLN31SP A973C1QLN31U1 A973C1QLN31UP A973C1QLN3121 A973C1QLN312P
A973C1Q2N31S1 A973C1Q2N31SP A973C1Q2N31U1 A973C1Q2N31UP A973C1Q2N3121 A973C1Q2N312P
A973C1QXN31S1 A973C1QXN31SP A973C1QXN31U1 A973C1QXN31UP A973C1QXN3121 A973C1QXN312P
A973C1QFN31S1 A973C1QFN31SP A973C1QFN31U1 A973C1QFN31UP A973C1QFN3121 A973C1QFN312P
A973C3QLN31S1 A973C3QLN31SP A973C3QLN31U1 A973C3QLN31UP A973C3QLN3121 A973C3QLN312P
A973C3Q2N31S1 A973C3Q2N31SP A973C3Q2N31U1 A973C3Q2N31UP A973C3Q2N3121 A973C3Q2N312P
A973C3QXN31S1 A973C3QXN31SP A973C3QXN31U1 A973C3QXN31UP A973C3QXN3121 A973C3QXN312P
A973C3QFN31S1 A973C3QFN31SP A973C3QFN31U1 A973C3QFN31UP A973C3QFN3121 A973C3QFN312P
A973C5QLN31S1 A973C5QLN31SP A973C5QLN31U1 A973C5QLN31UP A973C5QLN3121 A973C5QLN312P
A973C5Q2N31S1 A973C5Q2N31SP A973C5Q2N31U1 A973C5Q2N31UP A973C5Q2N3121 A973C5Q2N312P
A973C5QXN31S1 A973C5QXN31SP A973C5QXN31U1 A973C5QXN31UP A973C5QXN3121 A973C5QXN312P
A973C5QFN31S1 A973C5QFN31SP A973C5QFN31U1 A973C5QFN31UP A973C5QFN3121 A973C5QFN312P
A973C7QLN31S1 A973C7QLN31SP A973C7QLN31U1 A973C7QLN31UP A973C7QLN3121 A973C7QLN312P
A973C7Q2N31S1 A973C7Q2N31SP A973C7Q2N31U1 A973C7Q2N31UP A973C7Q2N3121 A973C7Q2N312P
A973C7QXN31S1 A973C7QXN31SP A973C7QXN31U1 A973C7QXN31UP A973C7QXN3121 A973C7QXN312P
A973C7QFN31S1 A973C7QFN31SP A973C7QFN31U1 A973C7QFN31UP A973C7QFN3121 A973C7QFN312P


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