New prospective clients often ask us, “Should I get a rugged phone or consumer phone?” The choice is yours and bTrans supports both products with our Industry Leading Software. However, we would like to highlight some of the advantages of Enterprise Rugged Devices. Without boring you with “Total Cost of Ownership” details here are some of the advantages we see.

1) Life cycles – We all know consumer cell phones tend to change very rapidly. This is not always a good thing when it comes to an Enterprise rollout. I.T. and Solutions Providers like smooth well planned changes as systems solutions can be very complex. The Operating System, the custom software, the company business processes, and opex vs capex considerations. Many rugged devices provide well defined life cycles of the product and you can rest assured the product is supported at least 2 years after the purchase. Many have longer terms with devices in production, service, and parts readily available through the life cycle. You do not get this when you run down to your local wireless carrier.

2) Enterprise Extensions – Security is a challenge for all companies today! Corporate Liable vs. Employee Owned devices are dealt with accordingly. What is an employee allowed to install and where can they go during company hours of business. What is locked down and are jail broken or “rooted” devices allowed in the Enterprise. Many rugged manufacturers are now including firmware extensions built into the devices allowing Enterprises to define the business policies.