Mobile Solutions

bTrans specializes in Mobile Workforce Solutions. We develop solutions for small businesses to large enterprises.  bAccurate is simply built for everyone, and designed with 31 years of field experience.

Bar Code and RFID

bTrans solutions include rugged and consumer hardware. We have one of the best solutions for low cost mobile RFID for fixed assets, inventory, and inspections.

On-Premise or Field

bTrans bAccurate instant productivity gains! Inventory, Inspections, Proof Of Service, Asset Management, Pick Pack and Ship, Fleet Management, Chain Of Custody Tracking.

bTrans:  #1 Productivity Software

Deploy instantly, and make faster, better decisions for your company. bTrans bAccurate is the most complete and trusted productivity software on the market!

bTrans – bReady Kits

bTrans provides several line of business solutions that quickly solve common problems. Coupled with our “frictionless” business strategies you have unparalleled choices. Our solutions are both on-premise or enterprise cloud based. Finally, we couple these kits with the best customer service in the industry! Here are a few of our bTrans – bReady Kits!.  Check back often, as we are working on new kits to add to our roster.

  • Mobile Fixed Asset Tracking
  • Inventory Control
  • Check-In / Check-Out
  • Field Proof of Service/Delivery/Pickup
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Rugged Mobile Computers

  • Mobile Computers that you can drop to concrete
  • Purpose Built Productivity Devices
  • Industrial Design
  • Task Worker Friendly
  • Multiple Keypads
  • Scanning Short and Long Range Barcodes

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bTrans bAccurate Warehouse!

Loaded with awesome features, premium code, simple workflows, a solution small to medium business can grow with!

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