About Us

We are a team of veteran mobile professionals. We started in 1982 with rugged mobile data computers. Back in those days there were no cell phones, but there were rugged data collection terminals. We sold and programmed these devices to industries such as Grocery Stores, Manufacturers, Warehousing, or anyone who needed data collection un-tethered from their desks. Originally these devices were batch only, meaning you stored the data on these terminals and then synced that data back to your host computers when necessary. Eventually wireless capabilities were added to these devices and the rest is history. Today we develop for the most modern devices and use real-time data connections for immediate feedback.

We are early pioneers in the Automatic Identification and Data Collection (bar code) industry. Over the last 38 years we have automated hundreds of thousands of companies. We maybe veterans but we use modern state of the art tools to help our clients succeed. We were an early adopter of "Software as a Service" and were early to Amazon Web Services. We had monthly pay-as-you-go services from the beginning and today this is commonplace. Today our systems are automated and we keep tweaking to improve our customer experiences. We let you focus on your business and we do the complex in the background at an affordable price.


We continue to experience tremendous growth and we are keen to keep our company culture in tact. We try to keep things simple and treat customers the way we want to be treated. You can reach us by phone, chat, email, social media outlets whatever medium you choose. We still work with our very first customer and look forward to adding you to our family.