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Modern Cloud Software Solutions for your mobile work forces. Designed for ease of use by non-technical task workers and powerful enough for knowledge workers to make informed decisions.  We are no industry johnny-come-lately and we started in Mobility back in 1982. bTrans knows a thing or two about mobile workers and how to manage for efficiency.

We had a simple design philosophy. Make it so you don’t need a manual to use our solution.  It is our job to hide the power and complexity behind the scenes and let you do what you do best! You focus on growing your business.

Can it scale?  You bet.   While we target small to medium-sized businesses, we have some of the largest clients in the world using our cloud platforms. Several hundred thousand deliveries a week is not uncommon for these large clients.   However, bring your 5 delivery vehicles and you can use the same system as these industry titans. Let us help you grow your business. We develop all our software in the United States of America.

We have two solutions for “Proof Of Delivery”.

bAccurate Field
bAccurate Field Lite
Proof Of Delivery - Last Mile

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Automatic Identification reduces errors and increases productivity.   Our roots go back to 1982, and we are early pioneers in the mobile data collection and specifically bar coding technologies.  We have helped multiple thousands of companies large and small with inventory tracking, fixed assets, check-in check-out,  mobile scanning, forklift scanning, and conveyor fixed scanning applications.

Today, Automatic Identification Data Collection (AIDC) takes on many forms and we use Barcode, RFID, NFC, Bluetooth and other identification methods for traceability.  We focus on solutions with viable and measurable return on investments.  Typically, we have ROI in less than one year on most of our solutions.   For those clients that have existing solutions we can augment your systems with hardware, software, service and support.

We are certified partners with the industry leaders in Barcode Equipment and we make the software to enable success.  Compliance labeling needs in every major industry and we provide solutions for both on-premise and cloud.

Speak with one of our experts today regarding your next project. Shop our store for more popular and unique offerings.   Reach out if you do not see the product you need, we normally have it.