bAccurate Field

bAccurate Field

bTrans flagship mobility solution.  bTrans leveraged 30+ years of field experience to deliver the best productivity solution in the mobile industry.  Our system is smart,  built with actionable events,  and business rules while keeping a laser focus to the usability by field workers.   Companies make better, faster decisions extended out to the point of activity.   The field worker has the tools to perform their jobs more efficiently while updating operations management in real-time.  Our clients are getting the competitive edge to grow their companies profitably.   We have established a proven track record of delivering fast return on investments.

bTrans bAccurate Vehicle Status

bAccurate Field Core Features

  • Proof of Pickup and Delivery
  • Proof of Service
  • Visual Dispatch
  • Route Optimizations – Planned and Dynamic
  • Order Confirmation – Barcode Scan Field Validations
  • Pre-Trip Vehicle Inspections
  • Modern Technologies – GPS, Communications, Intelligent Sensors, Photos In Workflows, more…
bAccurate is more than a best of breed line of business application. It has grown into a fleet management, mobile data collection, visual dispatching, dynamic and planned route optimization platform, workforce management, access anywhere operations portal, and connectivity to 3rd party financial systems. We have delivered on our goal of hiding the complexity behind the scenes and appearing to the user as a simple user-friendly system. People simply want to get their work done! Simple.  For example, when the mobile worker is using a mobile phone or field tablet to fill out electronic forms we can pre-populate  data entry fields so the field user is not required to be an data entry expert on smaller screens. We use today’s modern technologies to accomplish worker tasks quickly and correctly.

bTrans bAccurate offers the point technologies options that the geeks and nerds love. bAccurate offers Bar Codes, Mobile Printing, Sensor Subscriptions, GPS Location Aware Technologies, RFID, NFC, Signature on Glass, Camera/Pictures In Workflows, OBD2 Reporting, Bluetooth, Wireless Hot spots, and Mobile Point Of Sale are popular choices. We are always happy to discuss any particular needs should we not offer a module or point technology you may need. Finally, we close the information loop so you have a rapid, robust, and safe solution that people will actually use.

Maps have become an important tool in field visibility. Using the real-time data we automatically collect helps you make better faster decisions. Technology has changed since we started in the early days. Cell phones now have quad core processors and GPS chipsets that are very accurate with excellent sensitivity enabling smaller companies to compete with the biggest competitors in the marketplace. We take great pride in helping Small to Medium sized businesses streamline field operations. Do you want to look bigger than you are? Do you want to compete with the “big boys” at an affordable small monthly fee?  Call us.

bTrans bAccurate Field

We know our customers want a safe and skilled partner to deploy a solution that meets our partners strategic and tactical goals.  Are we the only one that does this work?  Probably not.  However, if you ask our delighted clients you will find it is our People, Products, and Process that sets us apart!  We continue to work with our very first customer welcomed into our family back in 1983.  We maybe a bunch of old timers but we think fresh.  We enjoy disruptive frictionless business models and disruptive technologies.  Our company roots go back to the pioneer days of bar codes and mobile workforces.  We were doing mobility before the cell phone was invented.   Our goals have not changed over the years, treating our customers like we want to be treated, and give them a fair price.  Simple isn’t it.

C-Level Summary

  • Improved Customer Service and Satisfaction
  • Customer Loyalty
  • Increased Profits
  • Better Utilization of Assets
  • Reduce Days Sales Outstanding
  • Dynamic Informed Decisions

bTrans sells rugged mobile devices and we also support common consumer-grade cell phones.  Speak to one of our Solutions Champions for expert advice on use case options. We listen to our prospects and will make professional recommendations based on your needs.  Keep in mind, we sell to companies of all sizes.  While, we focus on Small to Medium sized companies (5-5000) we know the Large Enterprise very well.  We have Fortune 1000 clients as well.

If you want to buy your own devices we support that. We offer “frictionless business” and it should be an enjoyable experience to deploy solutions to the field.

  • Android Smart Phones *see FAQ
  • Android Tablets
  • Rugged Devices

Example of one of our “Rugged Cell Phones” being dropped to concrete. We are happy to discuss Total Cost of Ownership and Lifecycle Management of these Enterprise Grade mobile devices. Remember, we are frictionless and you decide what device is best for your use case.  BYOD (Bring Your Own Device) is available.  We ask you contact us before procuring so we can see if we support the newest devices.  We maintain “help desk” infrastructure to give us field visibility of your assets and not all devices are support.  It is best to contact one of our Solutions Champions first.  Samsung, LG, Motorola, etc. are all popular choices.


Call one of our Solutions Champions 239-992-5115 to discuss your next project. We enjoy hearing from our diverse customer base about new uses for our systems.